Beckon is a communication consultancy and creative studio.

We had a sea change. We are located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We work everywhere.

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  • Communication: Strategy + Engagement + Content

    We specialise in strategic communication and engagement. We create strategic communication and engagement plans and campaigns. We make ideas and projects comes to life and help craft your story.

  • Digital: Web + Email + Social Engagement

    The digital is where the communication and creative intersects. For nearly 7 years, Beckon has helped to create digital places for employees, stakeholders, and customers to learn, engage and shop. We create websites on Shopify or Engagement HQ using beautiful content and writing that is linked to your strategy and connects people.

  • Creative: Branding + Art + Design + Collabs

    Our creative studio creates branding, personas, identities, bespoke art, collaboration on art and identity, visual, design and has a reproduction art collection.

In The Studio: Creative

Susie is the Communication and Creative Director for Beckon. She has blended her skills of writing and art since she was a marketing grad fresh out of university.

Besides using her art and design skills to have a commercial and reproduction fine art collection, Susie is great to work with to create your brand, refresh your brand and align your look and feel to your brand story and communication strategy.

Passion + Purpose.

Susie Hambleton started Beckon nearly 7 years ago and is the Communication and Creative Director.

Passion and purpose is everything to Susie. She loves helping people to communicate both with words and visually. A designer at heart strategy is everything to her. She's different as she approaches all her work with her creative and strategic blend.

Susie has worked all over Austalia and specialises in strategic communication. She is also an artist, designer and digital expert.

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Get to Know Susie

Susie Hambleton has spent her communication and design career working on multi million dollar projects for government and helping small business build their brand and get new customers. She's also had extensive experience creating profitable businesses.

She creates strategies and plans to get your project goals completed and help you communicate to the people that need to know and participate in your work - known as engagement. 

When Susie needs to, she brings on other specialists to create the perfect solution whether it's in communication or the studio. 

She has extensive experience working on projects throughout Australia. Both large and small. We specialise in working with government and small business.

Communication and Creative.

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